Break Through is Possible

“King Richard: I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.” – Shakespeare (1564-1616).  This is yet another example of WISDOM realized AFTER rather than BEFORE a deed is done. When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the throes of whatever readily captures the heart, mind, and spirit, TIME is often NOT on display for probative consideration. We want what we want when we want it! It’s later that we pause to consider whatever far-reaching range of exposure each experience might bring. Then we pray, hoping the  impact ratio will be more favorable to pleasure rather than pain!

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: As you aspire to live the “good life” your level of SUCCESS will vary – as will your time – so develop critical TIME Management Skills. Learn to incorporate BALANCE! Understand that WORK should be about the BEGINNING of something – NOT just an end to a means. Allow WISDOM and ABILITY to grow in proportion to your continued SUCCESS. Make sure the TIME you spend pursuing an endeavor plays to those strengths that define you RATHER THAN diminish you. Decide that having FUN is a PRIORITY – NOT something to fit into your schedule. Make TIME your friend NOT your enemy [because] TIME never stopsPEOPLE DO! You are blessed to be a blessing! Stay Productive!

Make your life sizzle with Potential, Opportunity, and Possibilitymake it POP – One Choice, One Moment, One Day, One Prayer at a time!

“Activity is contagious!” – (Emerson). Daily, ask the Lord to “Teach [you] to make the most of [your] time so that [you] grow in wisdom.” – (Psalm 90:12). “We are saved by hope.” Romans 8:24







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