Break Through is Possible

One picture is worth a thousand words.” – Advertising Executive Fred R. Barnard. Without question, photography and words are the ultimate dream team – one provides an image – the other describes one. However, neither would be possible without an action or thought to provoke an emotion worth capturing or describing.

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: The range of your emotions and thoughts run deep – in fact, its unending! You’re capable of producing not one, but a series of photo finish snapshots, which will ultimately unveil that “one picture worth a thousand words”… to YOU! Make every effort to ensure your actions are purposed with photo finish intent! Let the world see what a Masterpiece looks like to YOU!

Make your life sizzle with Potential, Opportunity, and Possibilitymake it POP – One Choice, One Moment, One Day, One Prayer at a time!

“We are saved by hope.” – Romans 8:24

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