Break Through is Possible

Whatever is ordinary has the potential to become extraordinary – even You! Renew your mind, daily! The wheels of life never stop spinning and neither should your mind – it has the ability to process all the knowledge and wisdom you’re willing to accumulate. Keep perfecting your skills [because] you are uniquely gifted! Be willing to dream big! Become a gear shifter NOT a dream drifter! God’s door is always open – don’t be shy – knock as often as you need, and don’t let impatience get in the way [for] the move of God is both sudden and timely – be ready!

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: “Faith perceives Truth sooner than Experience can.” – Kahlil Gibran. The fact that you’re here is NOT a mistake! You were NOT created to fail! Limitations can be  problematic of an inability to visualize and conceptualize a goal and pursue it! What you build in life and how you build it will be determined by your choices and actions. Become a champion of ‘I can and I will’.

Make your life sizzle with Potential, Opportunity, and Possibility – make it POPOne Choice, One Moment, One Day, One Prayer at a time!

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