Break Through is Possible

“Don’t let your past hold your future hostage.” – Inspirational speaker and author, Tommy Tenney. A common thread that connects us all is the desire to do a few things over. And, without question, if a do over line existed for anyone who ever felt stuck, trapped by their past, the line would probably loop around the world.

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: Do-overs wouldn’t be necessary if we learned the art of empowerment, and how to embrace the bits and parts that make up the sum total of what defines who we are and who we’re capable of becoming. It’s important to understand why we do what we do and want what we want. We cannot afford to “let our past hold our future hostage!” What we learn from the past is not only instrumental in our ability to make decisions that produce results today, but also impact tomorrow.

Don’t forget that you are blessed to be a blessing! Stay Focused and Productive. Keep digging! “Activity is contagious.” – Emerson.

Make your life sizzle with Potential, Opportunity, and Possibility – make it POP – One Choice, One Moment, One Day, One Word, One Prayer, at a time!

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